Pulling Tractors

While I was painting tonight Daryl came over to tell me that William was going to pull him on the tractor to town. I was SO glad that he didn’t even consider to ask me because there isn’t much that I won’t help with – but I’m telling you that I won’t help with that.

The reason is because a very long time ago when we were first married I was pulling a tractor that wouldn’t start and Daryl was on it. Down the road we went and the stupid thing still wouldn’t start. So he did some hand motions and was looking pretty upset at me and I figured that he wanted me to drive into the neighbors drive way.  That is what he wanted me to do but then he again went with the arm motions and pretty vivid facial reactions and I panicked. Honestly, how can so many things mean something different with the same hand motions? So  I ‘guessed’ on what he was trying to tell me and I stopped. What he was trying to tell me was to speed up and keep driving. Now no one ever told me that if a tractor doesn’t start that you don’t have brakes. But take my word for it – they don’t. So Daryl kept coming closer and closer towards me and finally he got the tractor to stop. How it stopped was because the chain that I was pulling him with wrapped around the tires and the tractor until it was tight. I’m not an expert on this but I did know one thing – this was a very bad situation to be in. But nothing got broke or wrecked and I told myself right then and there that was going to be the last time that I was ever going to pull a tractor. Daryl actually one time did ask me to help him with pulling a tractor that wouldn’t start and I told him to either find someone else to help or get the tractor fixed so it would start.

So tonight when he wanted someone to pull his tractor to town that was 10 miles away I thought to myself, there was no way in this whole world that I would do that and I was so greateful for William that he did it. But the bad news was when they brought it to someplace to get it fixed (I don’t think I listened too well where he was bringing it) anyway the guy told Daryl, “ohhhh this doesn’t look too good” Now that’s not the words that you want to have a repair person say to you.

William pulling Daryl's tractor to town

Heading West

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4 Responses to Pulling Tractors

  1. Theresa says:

    Hi Bonnie…I can relate to the pulling the tractor story. Not that we ever pulled a tractor, but when we moved from one duty station to another while Mick was in the Navy, we usually had to tow one of our vehicles. Getting ready and hooking them up was NEVER a bonding moment in our family! And occasionally injury inducing! Our boys tried to avoid being anywhere near when the time came to “hook up”.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your about your adventures and expecially like that you add pictures. Thanks for keeping me connected to Iowa!

  2. bruce says:

    Seems to me that Uncle Karl used to have to keep one of the oliver tractors parked by the car shed and coast it down hill to start it. When it did’nt start one of us kids had to get on another tractor and pull him on the tractor to start it. So it is still going on at the old farm. Bruce

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