Busy Sunday

Even though today was a Sunday, we sure got a lot done today!

The morning started out with Mass for the First Communion children. My nephew was receiving his First Communion this morning and with a family celebration last night and the special Mass this morning, well he really had a lot of people around him helping to celebrate!

I think parents of First Communion children should get a ‘do over’. What I mean of a do over is that it seems like your’e so busy getting ready for the day and making sure that if you’re having family over you have all the food ready and your house is also ready for company. Then there’s getting the First Communion child’s clothes all pressed and sitting out ready for the gobs of pictures that will be taken. Lastly there is the rest of the family and making sure everyone knows what they’ll be wearing and when you all have to be at the church. So what I’m saying is that there is a lot put into having a special day and for me when our kids were little it seemed like you’re so busy that you almost forget to stop and take it all in. I know for sure that I didn’t notice when our kids had their First Communion that almost everyone in the class stood at least one or two inches taller that day. Yup, I want a do over!

After Mass, Daryl did some farm stuff outside (I think he just moved tractors back and forth if you ask me) and Kyle and I had a meeting with another book member to go over what we are going to do for this years town book. You know we said last year that we really have to start this book the late fall/early winter before the Irish Fest. Yea, that seems like that would have been the best idea yet! Too bad we didn’t do it! But we’ve got some really good ideas and with Kyle’s help this year, I’m hoping that we’ll get it done in time. Keep your fingers and toes crossed!

I was also able to make some ‘Barefoot in the grass’ soap and in my new mold nevertheless. I’m pretty stoked about it and anxious to see how it turns out. I wanted to keep working on coloring the soap because a couple of previous batches the bubbles are brown. Yea.. brown. But the fragrance reacts so weird with all the oils and things, that I think it’s literally hit and miss until it gets unmolded. We’ll find out tomorrow!

And finally we had another wake to go to tonight. Can you believe it? That makes three wakes in a little over a week. Now that’s just way too many if you ask me! Before the wake we didn’t have time to grab anything to eat, so we headed to a local tavern for a quick sandwich after the wake and before going home. The funny part of the day is that when we’re just pulling into the yard we see the dogs sitting so good on the porch IMG_2810and we literally say at the same time how good the dogs were …. and then we see this. IMG_2808Yea. Not such good dogs anymore!

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