Today is the day – St. Patrick’s Stew

Alright – the sun is shining and it’s going to be a great day to go out and get some stew. Well anyway, that’s what I’m hoping for! The basement is ready and the stew is simmering, so now we just have to do some final things in the kitchen and wait.

There is one thing about helping with a community activity that is going on and that is that there are always people to help if you need it. We had so many great volunteers to help and even some from a neighboring town! Seriously, how cool is that? With so many people on board to try to make this meal a success, how can it not be?

The stew was awesome once again and were happy with the crowd that showed up to enjoy the night with us. DSCN9657Not only was the food really good, the hall looked great and the band was really fun.

The Guilty Kilts Band

The Guilty Kilts Band

But now it’s great to check this off the ‘to do list’ for the year and see what’s coming up next on the calendar 🙂

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