Barking dogs

OK seriously does it have to be this windy? I HATE wind but I knew that I had to get the lawn mowed yesterday so I can start painting today the chicken coop. I think I did a good job being outside for 6 hrs,  and even though I didn’t do any of the trimming I’m calling that the mowing is done for the next couple of days!
So last night I was tired from being outside in the wind all day.  I was hoping that the dogs would be quiet during the night but we were not so lucky. The night before Daryl and I were laying in bed when all of a sudden the dogs were barking so bad that I thought that either the cattle were out or maybe someone was stealing all the vehicles in the neighborhood. We were in bed and at 11:36 pm is when the ruckus began. Both dogs were barking as loud and as crazy as they could. So I get out of bed and went into the basement to find the spot light. I figured I would need this to try to find the cows that MUST be out somewhere! Well I found the dogs by a shed both standing there looking down. Weird. When I get closer they are just busting with pride on what they caught. It was a 3 1/2 inch mouse. Really? So by this time I’m pretty crabby and try to get the dogs in the barn to lock them up. I couldn’t get them convinced to go into the barn so back I went to get the ‘killer mouse’. I thought it was dead but when I picked it up it screamed. I was thinking to myself – ‘just shut up will you?’ Enough of this and everyone needs to get to bed! So I brought the mouse and the dogs in the barn and locked them up. This was two nights ago. Now last night around 10:30 the dogs start barking again. Out of bed I go and stomping down the steps. Immediately mad. When I open the door here are both dogs. When they saw me they fell on the ground belly up and wanted to get petted. I’m still at the mad stage and yelled at them to be quiet. Back upstairs I go. When I just laid down they started to go crazy again and that was it. They seem to know that now if they bark I’ll get up and be with them for awhile. After I got them up from laying on the ground thinking they were going to get petted,  I put them into the barn and locked them up. Not sure what tonight is going to bring but talk about setting a mood. Have you ever seen a someone really mad stomping around outside in the middle of the  night with a flood light and a crazy look in her eyes?  That in itself is pretty darn scary !

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