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Open House for soap

Have you ever done something and then wonder if you really should have done that?  Well that’s what I’m thinking about something that I did tonight.  Tonight I took the plunge and have organized an Open House for my soap … Continue reading

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Hauling hay

Daryl usually has most of our hay made into round bales and stores them at the other farm until he gets time to have them moved to ours.  So he spent the weekend cleaning out the cow yard and hauling … Continue reading

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What to do?

It’s that time of the year again when the weather turns colder and you know that Fall is in the air and Winter isn’t too far behind.  And also what you know if that you now have to decide what … Continue reading

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Green Snap

We had some high winds that literally blew through our area in July and we knew that it did knock down some of our corn. But if you took a look at the fields, they didn’t look just too terrible.  … Continue reading

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What’s in your refrigerator?

I’ve done something this past week that I’ve never done before.  I burnt my soap.  Yup, you heard it right. I burnt my soap.  See the soap that I’m making has milk, oatmeal, and honey in it and I seriously … Continue reading

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He’s in Love

Now normally when your husband comes into the house and tells you that he’s in Love and he’s not really looking at you when he says it, you’re supposed to get all upset and everything right?  Yea, not so much. … Continue reading

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What have I been doing?

I’m sure you’re wondering just what in the world have I been doing these past couple of weeks! Now honestly when I looked back at my last post I hardly could believe it was that long ago – but I … Continue reading

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Farm Trees

I had someone come over tonight to check out some trees that we want removed and to give us an estimate. And one of the first things that I asked him is if he was licensed and then I showed … Continue reading

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The kids in New York

The kids must have had a great time in New York  just looking at some of their pictures that they took. And I’m so glad that the weather also held out! If the weather was rainy I guess that wouldn’t … Continue reading

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We’ve been upgraded!

Daryl has been talking about getting a different skid loader now for quite some time and he finally found one that is the right size for our farm. So guess what? We’ve been upgraded. Whooohooo!!  Now normally I’m kinda sad … Continue reading

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