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Saturday – Kayaking, weddings, and barn parties

When I got up this morning I could hear that it was trying really hard to rain this morning just as the sun was starting to come up for the day .  Now I know that we need rain, but … Continue reading

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Dry weather & apples

We couldn’t figure out why the one apple tree was dropping the apples so fast until we took a closer look this weekend and found out that the ground must be just so dry that the apple tree just couldn’t … Continue reading

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Random pictures

I decided that this post is going to be random pictures that I’ve taken these past couple of days To start out, I’ve been working on organizing my craft room so it’s nice to have a reason to make a … Continue reading

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Appreciation Barbecue

Our town is small in numbers but big in their hearts. Like all small farm country towns, everyone will always help to pitch in when there is something that needs to get done.  And today we had an appreciation barbecue … Continue reading

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And it’s Show Time!

What a great weekend I had. Now granted it helped that I sold a lot of soap – but also it was so much fun!!  I was expecting the weather to be absolutely perfect at the show and with Daryl’s … Continue reading

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Soap and more soap ….

I have been working this past month on getting ready for an upcoming show and do you think that I am ready by the day before? NO!  So I looked at how I wrap the soap to see how I … Continue reading

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The kids gave our little calf a name a couple of weeks ago and it seems perfect for her.  Meet Luna  And if you’re wondering if she’s still wild and not very tame, well the answer is that she continues … Continue reading

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Labor Day weekend, Twins Baseball & Campfires!

The weather today was perfect! I mean it was around 85 and sunny and you couldn’t get it much better. Just the kind of weather that you’d like to have when you’re at a baseball game.  We had the tickets … Continue reading

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Hanging with the girls

Any day on the water is a great day and then mix that up with some of my best girlfriends and it’s a Perfect day!  First things first. With the kayaks stored in the barn where they get pretty dusty … Continue reading

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Rock Star Farmer!

Daryl is a Rock Star!  Now I’m sure you already knew that but just in case you were wondering, well let me tell you why this time.  See last year when we were baling hay, our baler broke. The part … Continue reading

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