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And so it begins – Fall Harvest 2017!

Today was the first day that Daryl got out into the fields and was able to start combining soybeans. The weather was warm and there was a good breeze blowing.  And while he was in the field, I was busy … Continue reading

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Friday night – It’s a date!

This time of the year around the farm the word date doesn’t always mean what you think it would.  And with it being Friday night and Daryl and I had a ‘date’, well I wasn’t too surprised that the date … Continue reading

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Something funny is going on!

It seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve mowed lawn so I decided that I’d take a couple hours after work tonight to get it started. I knew that I wouldn’t get it done – but at least I could get … Continue reading

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It’s a good trade!

After work tonight I headed over to Ma’s to see if she liked the Birthday card that she had ordered. It’s for a party this coming weekend and if she didn’t like it, I wanted to have enough time to … Continue reading

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I think it’s going to rain

It’s been very dry around our area and even though any rain wouldn’t help the crops at this point, it would still help to settle the dust.  So on my way home tonight I saw the sky and thought to … Continue reading

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Front porches & Company

If you have a front porch then you know that it can have many jobs.  Now at any given time on our front porch you’ll see our two dogs just kind of hanging out and checking who’s driving by during … Continue reading

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Baby it’s hot outside

There is an old saying that if are in Iowa and wait long enough the weather will change. Well that’s exactly what happened!  We’ve been having cooler nights lately and when the forecast was to get the temperatures up into … Continue reading

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Kitchen Time

It sure is a busy time of the year isn’t it?  For me it’s the time of the year that I pretty much live in our kitchen. I mean I get up, go to work, come home, and spend the … Continue reading

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Switching it up!

Our back room, or as we have lovingly called it in the past – Our Parlor, Toy Room, Kid’s Room, Christmas Tree Room, Spare Room, and probably a whole lot more that I just can’t think of right now has … Continue reading

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Working around the farm – Sunday

Even though it was Sunday, it was a good day to work around the farm and to get a couple of things done.  Daryl spent a good part of the day getting the combine all cleaned up for the fall … Continue reading

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