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This morning when I did chores, I was wearing only a sweatshirt and sweatpants and didn’t have any need for gloves. I thought to myself that it sure felt like spring this morning. Sometimes when it gets closer to spring … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday William!

Today is William’s 18th Birthday, can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. But I guess everything keeps going and one of those things are your kids getting older. It’s weird … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day!

I had what seemed to be a million things to do today and I think I got most of them done! I needed a couple of Thank You notes, so I was able to get them made, wrote out and … Continue reading

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Cars and Farming

I spent the morning at the auto body shop and the news wasn’t good on William’s car. The estimate is over $6000. See, I told you it wasn’t good. Since the estimate is so high, we have an adjuster coming … Continue reading

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William’s Poor Car

Daryl and I were still up when William came home last night. We had card club at a friends house, so we had the TV on in the living room and was just laying around half asleep when he walked … Continue reading

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Day 2 – The training continues

I sure wasn’t in the mood to work on my 5K training today, but I did end up going on the treadmill after all. It was only the second day of this training and I thought it would be really … Continue reading

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DVD Project – DONE!

Whoo Hoo!!  I was able to get the last of the tapes converted over to DVD’s early this morning and what a good feeling that is.  I ended up making 23 DVD’s, and I can officially check this off the … Continue reading

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Listening to Ma

My Uncle had passed away late last week and his funeral was today. All my brothers and sisters were able to go to the service and I was thinking about that while we were sitting in church today. We weren’t … Continue reading

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Saturday Cartoons

I had a bunch of different things to do today, and you can guess one of those things was to keep working on those video tapes that I’ve been transferring over to DVD’s. I decided to change the goal that … Continue reading

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Ambitious Goals

I set goals for this week and I don’t think I started out so good with them. I have 13 tapes to transfer to DVD’s and what I found out today is that it takes forever! But if the tapes … Continue reading

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