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Update on Reno and the Caramel Bar Recipe

I think I might have done a too good of a job on Reno last night. If you saw my post, then you know that poor Reno’s leg was hurting so I gave her a really good massage. Yea, I gave … Continue reading

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Bean bags, dog massages, and loud noises.. oh my!

Bean Bags Check it off the project list! William and I have been talking about getting some bean bag games made for quite some time now and we finally made that a reality these past few days. You might remember the picture … Continue reading

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Saturday work

We had an awesome day today getting things done around the farm. Daryl worked pretty much all day on getting the cow yard cleaned up and all the manure hauled for the spring. He’s been hauling the manure to the other … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air

It was nice today. No.. it was really nice today! The temperature actually got up to the lower 50 degrees and it was sunny! I saw a saying the other day that made me smile mostly because it was so … Continue reading

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Working in the house and then Road Trip with Daryl!

With Daryl gone all week, there is one thing that I have to do today. And guess what that is? Well if you guessed that I have to wash a couple of dog blankets – then you guessed right! I … Continue reading

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Winter – what good is it anyway?

So I’m feeling kinda sad that it’s been so cold outside, but then I thought just ‘get over it’. Seriously, there is nothing that I can do about it and with the temperature this morning at -31 degrees F and … Continue reading

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This is how we roll…

Lately we’ve been letting the dogs in at night. Yea… I know, we are cat people and I’m not sure what happened to turn us to the dark side. But this is what our living room has been looking like … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you! What a couple of great days we’ve had so far and our family Christmas and my Mom’s hasn’t even happened yet! We started the celebration out last night by going to our church for the Christmas mass. … Continue reading

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Naughty or Nice?

With December just around the corner you could hardly believe that I should be posting such a title right? Well, after I tell my story,  you can decide what the decision should be – Naught or Nice. In order to … Continue reading

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Road Trip!

I could hear the dogs barking at something in the barn Monday morning around 4 am and at first I thought.. well I thought really bad things! Then all of a sudden I was thinking that maybe a skunk got in … Continue reading

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