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Getting our groove on

We have a new addition to our family. And before you start thinking … is it a new cow or maybe a dog? Nope nothing like that. We have a new exercise equipment that has joined our family. Our treadmill … Continue reading

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Weekend Photo’s

Well Christmas and the New Year has officially come to a close at our house. Yes we are one of those people who leaves the lights lit until the Epiphany and with it only 3 days away, I actually took … Continue reading

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We’ve got trouble

When I got home from work tonight I saw that the new dog bed that was under the Christmas tree this year was outside on our front porch. Now no big deal – it was going to go outside anyway. … Continue reading

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To cover or not to cover? That is the question.

I truly believe that you can make life as stressful or stressless as you like. And what am I doing lately? Well I’ve got the stressful thing going on. What’s going on is that it’s supposed to get a hard … Continue reading

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Hanging out with the dogs

I wasn’t too ambitious tonight after work but after Daryl mowed for awhile and then headed for the school football game,  I decided that I better get something done tonight. We just got our lawnmower back from being fixed and … Continue reading

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National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day and even though our dogs get into way more trouble than they probably should we sure would miss them if they weren’t around.  So here’s a post only for our dogs. Since both our families … Continue reading

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Off to the Vet – it’s Kaiser’s turn

It’s that time of the year again when we need to get the dogs tested for heart worms. I don’t know if everyone does this and to be quite honest we have only started to do this within the past … Continue reading

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Just plain naughty!

Well it’s been about a week since I posted something bad about our dogs so I’m due right?  What happened this week was that our little chicks are getting bigger and bigger as the days go by and they are … Continue reading

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The sun makes everyone feel better

When the sun shines it sure makes everyone feel so much better doesn’t it? Well we’ve been in a rainy pattern lately and even though I don’t think anyone should complain on the rain because we’re always looking for it … Continue reading

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And how does your garden grow?

And how does your garden grow these fine spring days? I can tell you how mines doing, and well it’s not so good. I’ve never sprayed our garden before for weeds, but heck there’s always a first time right? Check … Continue reading

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