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Happy Birthday Daryl!

Today is Daryl’s birthday and what a fun weekend we had!  We had a wedding on Saturday in Des Moines, so after all the animals were fed really well and had gotten checked twice before we left, we headed south … Continue reading

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Tonight was soap night

I’m working on building up my soap inventory and after some coaxing to get up off the couch, I actually got 2 loaves of soap made tonight. I made a double batch of Lazy Lavender soap and I’m hoping to … Continue reading

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Cards and more cards

I’ve been making quite a few cards lately this month and decided to share them in the post today. I really do enjoy making cards but I have to be in the right mood and have the time to do them … Continue reading

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Winter Weddings

Even though winter weddings can be very risky, they sure are pretty! With the weather in the 50’s today, I mean how much better can you get for a December wedding? One of my sisters had gotten married many years … Continue reading

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Arts and Crafts

I’ve been working hard lately to build up my soap inventory and I must say I’m kinda diggin’ how some of them are turning out. I’ve come a long way from how my first soaps looked and hopefully I’ll continue … Continue reading

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We have my side’s St. Nicholas Party coming up and with the challenges of trying to get everyone all together at once, we decided to have this annual party to include the Christmas gift exchanges. Now granted this isn’t a … Continue reading

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Guess what I did tonight?

Well if you guessed that I worked on tomatoes again – well you are the winner!! It seems like these tomatoes just keep multiplying and multiplying lately. And the worst part about this is that I am kinda getting sick … Continue reading

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Crops are in!

What a good feeling it is to have the crops in. Now if you listen to Daryl he would wish that he was still working in the field because he would like to have more corn to harvest and the … Continue reading

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Crafty Sunday

With Daryl out in the field that gives me a couple of options. Option # 1 : mow lawn. Boring! Option # 2 : paint fences. Not such a great idea! Option # 3 : clean the basement. What was … Continue reading

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Scaredy Cat

Have you even seen a the pictures that they use during Halloween when they show a cat that’s scared? Well I never really knew that cats actually arched their backs and looked like that until tonight. After a long overdue … Continue reading

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