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Guess what I did tonight?

OK, let’s see what the possibilities are that I could have done tonight. Clean house? Nope that wasn’t it. Put away the laundry? That wasn’t it either. Make a batch of soap? ding ding ding.. you’re a winner!! I suppose … Continue reading

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In Memory of Rocky

I did chores tonight and when I went into the chicken coop I saw a chicken kinda laying funny against the corner. Well, of course I went over to see just what was going on and saw that it was … Continue reading

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Fun Day to celebrate Mom’s Birthday

Even though Mom’s birthday was back in January and we all wished her a Happy Birthday a couple of months ago, we spent today also celebrating with her. You see our Mom turned 85 this year and I think the rule … Continue reading

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To give away or not to give away

I don’t know about you, but have you ever seen something in your kitchen cupboard, or in fact in any other place in your house that is tucked away and you just push it from one side of the closet … Continue reading

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Cleanest people around…

The first step to understanding a ‘situation’ is to acknowledge that there is a situation. And for me? Well it’s my obsession for making hand soap lately. To go back into time, I had talked about making soap about 20 years … Continue reading

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Winter – what good is it anyway?

So I’m feeling kinda sad that it’s been so cold outside, but then I thought just ‘get over it’. Seriously, there is nothing that I can do about it and with the temperature this morning at -31 degrees F and … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo 2/25/15

Can you guess what this was used for?

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Jamaica – the last days

On our vacation we’ve done quite a few different things these last couple of days and with only a couple of days more left, we sure was hoping that they’d be good ones! So here’s how we spent our time Sunrise: Guess … Continue reading

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Jamaica – our vacation continues

These next couple of days of our vacation was just as fun as the first couple of days or maybe even better. Remember the group of people from Iowa that we met as we were checking into the hotel? Well … Continue reading

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Jamaica – the first days

So we were finally heading down south for some warmer weather, whoo whooo!! You just know that it’s going to be a good vacation when they’re de-icing the planes in the airport that your trying to leave and the weather … Continue reading

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