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We’ve got apples!

I’ve heard it before that if there are a lot of apples on the trees that it’s going to be a hard winter. Well let me just tell you that you better buy some good snow boots because if this … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year again…

It’s the time of the year when kids are going back to school and in our family William is one of those kids. I know that everyone always says ‘I just can’t believe where the time went’…. but holy smokes … Continue reading

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Places to visit – Independence Iowa

When we were on our bike ride in July,  I saw an advertisement for an ‘Underground City Tour’. Now honestly, doesn’t that title just grab your attention? I grew up not that far from Independence and I had no idea … Continue reading

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Outside stuff

After work tonight, Daryl went to the lumber yard to get some wood for the cattle shed roof. He has to put these pieces on the existing roof so that the tin has something to be nailed to. It looks like … Continue reading

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Cattle shed and our dogs

Well to start the morning off,  just as I pulled out of the drive way I looked to the grove and guess what? I saw that we completely missed this one whole section that has more of those vines on. … Continue reading

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Our grove

I noticed the other day that we were getting some kind of vine growing up in our grove and even though it looked kind of pretty – I’m sure that it wasn’t good for the trees at all. So I started … Continue reading

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Pictures from our Road Trip

I’m finally getting around to getting some of the pictures that I took from our Road Trip to Colorado last weekend onto a post. I have no idea just exactly what I did with all my time these past days, but … Continue reading

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Guess what we did this weekend? We packed our suitcases and headed to Colorado. Yup, the ultimate Road Trip! We went with my brother and sister in law and took off Friday morning to head West. It took us I … Continue reading

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Wrapping a gift

After work tonight I thought I’d quick run to one of my favorite scrap booking stores to pick up some ribbon for a wedding gift. Well, that all sounds good right? So on the way to the store of course … Continue reading

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Our Baby Kitties

Last night William asked when we did we get 7 baby kitties living on our porch? I told him that this was news to me because I only thought we had 6…. but after about 4 who really is counting right? … Continue reading

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