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Happy Anniversary to us!

Happy Anniversary to us!  Wow doesn’t that almost seem impossible that we’re married 34 years? To me it does. I mean wasn’t it just yesterday when we were kids and we had our whole lives in front of us just waiting … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2017

I was invited to a baby shower that just happened to be at a Winery in Guttenberg Iowa. Now if you haven’t ever had a chance to go to this town I would highly recommend it because it’s a pretty cool town by the Mississippi … Continue reading

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Looking for boys

You know when the baby peacocks were young I really thought that they were going to be Peacocks and not Peahens. Now I don’t know why I was so positive on thinking this way,  but the one little peacock that died … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Daryl!

With Daryl’s birthday on a Monday this year, it’s a little harder to celebrate. But he said he did have a great day and with a fresh pan of brownies that was his birthday cake, we were able to celebrate it … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  I ended up putting together some Easter boxes earlier this week and I am still smiling with the comment that the lady at the Post Office gave to me.  To backup this story – see I got some … Continue reading

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Good Friday is here!

It’s that time of the year again when Easter is close by and you know what that means It means that it’s also close to Good Friday! WhooooHoooo!! Now even though we honor all Fridays as all good Catholics do … Continue reading

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When the sun shines on the farm

You know the old saying ‘When the sun shines you make hay’ Well have you ever wondered what you do on a farm if the sun is shining and the hay isn’t fit?  Let me tell you that you can … Continue reading

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Picture Day!

I went outside to see if I can take a quick picture of Bandit and I found myself taking quite a few pictures of just about everyone.  So this post is pretty much of our farm animals. I can’t help … Continue reading

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Making cards

It literally seems like about a million years ago since I spent time in my scrapbook room. So these past few days I was able to make a couple of cards that I’ve been behind on getting done. What I found out … Continue reading

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Just rolling along

Last year when the cows got out and of course it seemed like we were in the middle of some monsoon season or something, they decided to take a tour or two of our farm.  Well when you put the … Continue reading

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