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My Christmas To Do List

Even though there are still quite a few things on my Christmas To Do List, I’ve gotten a couple of them checked off these past couple of days. Yea for me!! But… I’ve also got quite a few left. I’m … Continue reading

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Andy Williams

We were invited to a wedding today that was about 4 hours away and with the fog lifting this morning, we were relieved that the travel shouldn’t be too bad. There’s been a warm front coming through and with the … Continue reading

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Late Chores tonight

Daryl and I got home about the same time tonight and that meant one thing, it meant that chores were going to be late. Normally Daryl will do the chores in the morning and I’ve been doing the chores at night. … Continue reading

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Naughty or Nice?

With December just around the corner you could hardly believe that I should be posting such a title right? Well, after I tell my story,  you can decide what the decision should be – Naught or Nice. In order to … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo 11-19-14

Let’s see if you can guess this one:

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Mystery Photo 11-12-14 results

OK, maybe I made this one a little too hard. Well here is the picture: And the clue was ” If you are not able to see what the picture is telling you then listen close for it’s clue”  The answer is … Continue reading

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I’ve got just one word to say…

… and that word is  SCORE!!! Late Sunday night I was able to take my first batch of soap out of the container and after I saw the one video that you have to be careful of bubbles – well … Continue reading

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First good snowfall of the year

We knew it was going to happen. It snowed in the afternoon yesterday and this morning we woke up to even more snow on the trees and roads. Now it was bound to happen right? But for some reason every … Continue reading

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Clue for Mystery Photo 11-12-14

Here is the first clue to the mystery photo posted on 11-12-14. See if this will help. If you are not able to see what the picture is telling you then listen close for it’s clue. 

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Giddy up

Giddy up and here we go…. What is going on you ask? Well I finally made the commitment to make soap this weekend. See I’ve been literally talking about making soap for at least 15 years and I decided I either … Continue reading

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