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Where do I begin?

Whew what a whirlwind we’ve been on. I know that I haven’t shared the pictures from our trip to Nashville yet or you haven’t seen any pictures from our towns celebration, but I think I’m going to share tonight my … Continue reading

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From Nashville, to deer AND skunks, to Irish Fest, to rain and more rain, some mulching, and finally rainbows!

I know that I haven’t been keeping up with this blog  .. again, but I promise that I’ll try to catch you up as the rest of the week goes on with all the happenings from a long fun weekend … Continue reading

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Making hay

You know isn’t that kind of a weird saying? Making hay? I mean you really aren’t making any hay now are you – but that’s what you say when you’re really baling hay.  So now with saying that, Daryl had … Continue reading

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Spring is here

Spring is here and Summer is coming up fast and I’m finally getting around to getting the flowers planted that are needed for the flower pots and planters on our farm. Because of life commitments these past few months, I … Continue reading

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Trying to catch up

Because our life these last 2 months have been soap, we’ve been putting off a lot of different jobs that really needed to get done. And guess what? Today was the day to start them.  So even though it’s Sunday, … Continue reading

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Just what have I been doing this week?

I thought long and hard about what I should name this post. At first I thought I should say something like ‘The weather in Hawai is great!’  because you would think that I’ve been on some wonderful exotic vacation the … Continue reading

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What Mondays are meant to be

OK I know that there is about a million things that we could be doing on a Monday afternoon, but the sun is shining and the weather is warm so guess what we did? We went kayaking. Whooohoooo!!!! We hurried … Continue reading

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Update on the Cat Hostal

My brother said he would help with the metal panels in the small chicken coop and he picked up the one piece that he would use it for an example in the afternoon and just like that he was back … Continue reading

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Cat Hostal

I was able to pick up an old chicken feeder at an auction that I went to last year and had it stored since then. And guess where it was stored – where else? In the brooder house.  It was one … Continue reading

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Outside work

It’s a holiday weekend!! WhooooHoooo!  I’ve got a lot to do this weekend but I sure hope that we also fit in some fun things. So tonight I go the rest of the flowers thinned out by the old milk … Continue reading

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