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Farm Trees

I had someone come over tonight to check out some trees that we want removed and to give us an estimate. And one of the first things that I asked him is if he was licensed and then I showed … Continue reading

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The kids in New York

The kids must have had a great time in New York  just looking at some of their pictures that they took. And I’m so glad that the weather also held out! If the weather was rainy I guess that wouldn’t … Continue reading

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We’ve been upgraded!

Daryl has been talking about getting a different skid loader now for quite some time and he finally found one that is the right size for our farm. So guess what? We’ve been upgraded. Whooohooo!!  Now normally I’m kinda sad … Continue reading

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Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it’s off to the Vet we go

Even though I thought that the dogs had gotten every conceivable shot that there was this summer when they had their ‘Spa’ day, I was wrong.  With a friendly reminder in the mail this week, Reno was due for a … Continue reading

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Noodle soup

I made a couple of cards for Ma lately and guess what I had in the kitchen when I got home from work tonight?  NOODLE SOUP! Whoohoo. Now there’s one thing better than having noodle soup waiting for you when … Continue reading

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Have you ever looked at a picture that automatically makes you happy?  Well this one does because it’s all our kids in one spot!! William and Jude are spending some time in New York with Kyle and Kelcie and just flew … Continue reading

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Luther and a Cat

With Ed our bull gone, Daryl has been watching the papers to see where we could get another one.  And with the girls making the worst noise in the cow yard lately, we knew that we better do something fast!  … Continue reading

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Sock it to me!

We have too many socks in our house. OK what I should have said is that we HAD too many socks in our house! Have you ever gotten  to the point when you know that it’s time to make a … Continue reading

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It’s Party Time with the girls!

Funday Sunday!!   Today was a really fun day! See today my Mom and her friends were invited to a party up by the cities and I was going to drive her and the girls to it.  So I started … Continue reading

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And so it begins – Fall Harvest 2017!

Today was the first day that Daryl got out into the fields and was able to start combining soybeans. The weather was warm and there was a good breeze blowing.  And while he was in the field, I was busy … Continue reading

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