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Will catch up later..

I’ll be gone for a couple of days and will have only limited access to any internet. So I’ll catch up later with you in about my week. Have a good one…

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New babies and more worrying

Well you know that we have this new little baby calf at our farm – Earl, and he is doing really well. But you also know how I can worry just about everything, so I started to worry if Earl … Continue reading

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Earl – our newest member to our farm family

Tonight after work I got a bunch of errands done and was busy in the house getting some laundry done and starting to make supper. Daryl was out in the field raking the hay and it was a really nice night … Continue reading

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Mowing Lawn

Mowing the lawn. I think I dislike it more every year . Now maybe if I had a gazillion hours in the day that I didn’t know what to do with I might like it better – but honestly .. … Continue reading

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The weekend!

The weekend is finally here! I don’t know if you feel the same way, but when there is a Holiday the  work week after it seems to last forever! Since it was the weekend I had some big plans to … Continue reading

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I was at work today and I couldn’t figure out for the best of me why my hips hurt so bad. Seriously feeling some aches and pains going on. I thought that it was probably just because I’ve been spending … Continue reading

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Decision Time

Have you ever looked at a project and then had to make a decision if you were going to do something about it or just leave it to .. well .. die? That’s what I did tonight. I’ve been looking … Continue reading

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Hanging out in the yard

I was just walking into house tonight after work and I could hear a plane that wasn’t too far away from our farm. Now about this time of the year, people might start spraying their crops with planes and the reason … Continue reading

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Slowed down some

It has slowed down some these past few days and I’ve really taken advantage of that! I’ve been getting some errands done that need to be done and also have been catching up on paperwork. I’m also working on sending a … Continue reading

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Riding our bicycles

We finally got our bicycles out this afternoon. In the past years, we’d be on our bicycles as early as the first week of May and now it’s the first week of July!! Yikes!! Because of all the wet weekends … Continue reading

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