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The weather has finally turned

We finally had two days without rain – can you believe it?  And because the weather was so nice today, it was time to get some things done around the farm that we’ve been putting off. That meant putting in … Continue reading

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Making soap for the next show

I’ve got a new schedule that I’m trying to meet and that’s a show coming up at the end of October. I was approached by the person who is organizing the show and it sounds really interesting and something that … Continue reading

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My new Ninja blender

If you remember earlier this fall I broke my food processor and since then I haven’t replaced it.  Well that is until now.  My little blender also went on the fritz a week ago so while I was in town … Continue reading

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Guess what?

Well if you guessed that it quit raining … you were wrong!  The rain continues and we really need it to stop. Not only is it creating some terrible situations with the flooding all going on, but it’s also taking … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, go away

I made a quick dash to town tonight to pick up some things for some Bath Bomb Fizzys that I wanted to make and all the while my phone was going off for flash flood warnings for our area. Not … Continue reading

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Good trade

I went to Ma’s on Sunday to drop off a few things and to see how’s she’s doing.  Well we had a good visit and then she asked if I would make a card for one of her friends birthday … Continue reading

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Where did this week go?

I just realized that I haven’t posted all week! Holy smokes you’d think I was on vacation or something. Well that wasn’t the case. I was working on getting ready for a show that I was in on Friday and … Continue reading

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What did we do today?

You know that you might need to get out and do something more exciting when you’re trying to figure out just what in the world did you do today and you can only come up with doing more laundry and … Continue reading

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Catching up on Saturday stuff

Today I wanted to catch up on some stuff around the house so I got an early start on laundry. As you know, I like doing laundry so this wasn’t a big deal at all for me to start this … Continue reading

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That’s right – SCORE! And now you’re probably thinking to yourself – ‘now what happened’ right?  Well it might not be a big thing for some people, but it was a big thing for me. Last night I ran in … Continue reading

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