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Getting organized

It’s that time of the year again when we gather up our bike shorts and suntan lotion and head to the west side of Iowa for an annual bike ride. Our group is pretty much the same but this year … Continue reading

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Chicago here I come

Well I’m off to Chicago for 4 days for work so I’ll catch up with you when I get back! Have a great weekend!

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Save the tomatoes!

I stood in front of our garden tonight and thought to myself if I really wanted to tackle the weeds that have grown like crazy these last couple of days… weeks, or not?   Well, I really wanted to have … Continue reading

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This post is about lavender – both my soap and the flower. It was pretty coincidental that when I stopped in at my sisters after work tonight,  that she asked if I wanted some lavender to take home for my … Continue reading

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And how does your corn grow?

Check out Daryl’s corn.  If you remember just one week ago we took this picture on the 4th of July and tonight when we were on the other farm I took this picture. You can almost hear it growing! 

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Things you find in the yard

Late last night our dogs just starting barking like crazy and then they did what normal dogs would do. They tore off through the yard chasing something. They were peacefully laying on the porch and at first it looked like … Continue reading

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No sun in Sunday!

I really wanted to go on a full day bike ride today because I’ve got a week long bike ride coming up and well to be honest I’ve got only around 28 miles of training in so far. And if … Continue reading

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Perfect weather today – kayaking and races were on the agenda!

I debated going kayaking today because the weather was going to be just perfect. Now I know that this doesn’t make much sense, but you know that there is always stuff that you think you should be doing. So guess … Continue reading

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Trying out a new soap design

I am working on an experiment these past couple of days to see if I could stamp the bars with a type of an identifying mark on them. So my thought was to make a white bar of soap and then stamp the bars with … Continue reading

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Standing guard

Now with all the crazy weather that we’ve been having lately, over 3 inches in 2 days!, some people use the news to keep up on what to expect for the coming weather for the day. Others use the internet … Continue reading

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