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It’s getting a little toasty around here

To say that I’ve been scared to death when Daryl decided to light our tree fire, well that’s really an understatement! We’ve had these trees down all summer and with no wind today, I guess he decided it was time … Continue reading

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Kitchen Window Flowers

It’s kinda of funny. I really don’t have a green thumb so I’ve never also had a lot of indoor flowers. Well that was the case until I got some flowers from my niece. They’ve blossomed so many times both … Continue reading

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Finding my way

I recently was invited to a house bridal party. Fun right? So I was excited to have the chance to hang out with some of our friends for the day and plugged my phone in before I went to bed … Continue reading

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Happy December!

As I looked back on my lack of posts that I didn’t do for November I realized that you might think that I’ve gone to some exotic island or maybe even fled the country.  Yea, not so much! It seems … Continue reading

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Is there such a thing as a wrap-a-thon? If there is – well I think I’m having one this weekend.  I’m still working on getting things buttoned up (as one might say I guess if you were in England) for … Continue reading

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Nice weather

The weather today was so nice and it was even a Sunday! Go figure! See it seems like lately we’ve been seeing really ugly weather on the weekend so some sunshine on a Sunday – well it a great thing! … Continue reading

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Saturday chores

Daryl spent most of the afternoon today working on putting away some of the things in the yard to get ready for the upcoming cold months.  Now I’m not for sure just all what he was doing, but I could … Continue reading

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It’s all in the delivery

Another project this year was to get a new feed bunk for the cows. So check it off the list!  Daryl had one ordered and tonight they delivered it. I was excited to see how this was  all going to … Continue reading

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Next season is here!

I’m afraid that we are seriously going into the next season. I know that I’ve been in denial lately and that it’s actually happening. With all of our lawn furniture still out along with having other things that need to … Continue reading

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Open House for soap

Have you ever done something and then wonder if you really should have done that?  Well that’s what I’m thinking about something that I did tonight.  Tonight I took the plunge and have organized an Open House for my soap … Continue reading

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