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Steppin’ Up

I did it. I joined the craze right now of people using the software wrist bands that can do just about everything but the dishes. I saw on one of the media posts that someone was selling theirs and because … Continue reading

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Secret Project

If you’ve read my Blog for a couple of years now, then you’ll know that I’ve mentioned a ‘Secret Project’ that I’ve been talking big about. I’ll get ambition and work on it for awhile and then put it in the … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving this year came in with a little rain. OK, it rained a lot! But seriously wouldn’t you rather have rain than ice or snow? At this point I would. So for Thanksgiving this year we had Daryl’s side over and … Continue reading

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We’re ready

We are ready for company! The Roadhouse is cleaned and set up for a party and the house has been dusted and scrubbed. Now when we’re getting ready for company it always reminds me that we seriously need to dust … Continue reading

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Getting ready

We’re getting ready for a Thanksgiving party tomorrow and it’s going to be a great time I just know it! The party is for Daryl’s side of the family and it’s at our farm. Now Daryl and I always have … Continue reading

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It’s a Good Day

Now there are good days and well there are Good Days… and today is a Good Day! Why you ask? Well both boys are safe under our roof for a little while and it makes me really happy. With all … Continue reading

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Winter has arrived

Yup, we’ve got winter alright! Now I’m not the best at knowing just exactly how much snow we got but I’ve seen others in our area say that we got around 9 inches last night,  so I guess that’s the … Continue reading

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Here it comes!

It was a good thing that we turned our furnace on last might because Holy Smokes it’s snowing tonight! It started around 2:00 in the afternoon and by the time I got home form work, snow piles were starting to … Continue reading

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Turning the furnace on

Well we finally bit the bullet tonight. Now granted our house has been a little chilly lately and that’s because we haven’t turned on the furnace yet. I was hoping to get to Thanksgiving, but with having a winter storm … Continue reading

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Christmas Cards

I have no idea how something so small can be so stressful! I’m talking about getting the family Christmas cards formatted and ordered. I guess I’m always hoping that one year our family picture will be just awesome and everyone’s … Continue reading

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