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What should we do tonight?

When Daryl asked me what we had planned for tonight I literally had to stop and think about it. I got to thinking about what we’ve been doing these last couple of months and came up with the list below.  … Continue reading

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Kids are heading back home

We got a little later start this morning because after everyone left last night from the party we ended up staying up pretty late sitting around the bon fire. But with bacon frying this morning and the option of getting some coffee, the … Continue reading

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Kuehner Fun Day 2017!

It’s the annual Kuehner Fun Day today and the weather looks like it’s going to be great! There was a chance of showers later so I’m just hoping that it holds out for our party.  And how did the day … Continue reading

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Company is coming!

This coming weekend is the annual Kuehner Fun Day at the farm! Whoooohoooo!! And to make it even more special, this year it falls on Daryl’s folk’s anniversary again. The first year that we had this get together it was on that day and … Continue reading

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Soap and more soap…

It was a busy week for my soap business. See on last Saturday I was in a Vendor show even though I was busy with the Irish Fest that was going on in our town. The person who puts on … Continue reading

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It’s a Spa kind of day

It’s that time of the year again when the dogs get loaded up and off to the Vet we go. Not only is this a good time to catch up on their shots, but it’s also a good time for … Continue reading

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Corn Rows

The growing season on the farm can be measured by the corn rows.  See at first when you first plant the corn you anxiously wait to when you can start to ‘row’ the corn. When I say row the corn, … Continue reading

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What a great weekend!

All the kids have been home for the weekend and we even had a couple extra friends of William’s that stayed with us for our town’s celebration. It’s funny how you can go from just two people in the house … Continue reading

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Our Towns Celebration

It was our town’s annual celebration this weekend and honestly it couldn’t have gone any better on Saturday.  The weather was overcast which made it perfect for the hour long parade that was going on through Main Street. The sidewalks … Continue reading

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Was it a Sign? 5k Race & Corporate Sponsors

I believe in signs and fate so when I had a couple of things happen to me on Friday, well I took it as a Sign.  See I planned on getting to bed early tonight because we have a very … Continue reading

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