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2 Weddings

We were lucky enough to be invited to two weddings today, so I’m thinking that this is going to be a really fun and busy Saturday! The first ceremony was going to start at 2:00 in the afternoon, so Daryl … Continue reading

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Family Traditions

I had a chance today to snap a couple of pictures of our trees that we had planted on our farm tonight after work. I know that they won’t stay this way too long with the wind that we’re having, … Continue reading

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Chickens and their moods

We ran out of dog food again, which I just can’t believe. Now I know that our dogs are eating quite a bit of it, and the barn cats get their bellies full, but I’m wondering if the chickens are … Continue reading

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Mystery Challenge 10-15-14

Are you ready for this weeks challenge? Here’s the photo clue

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Mystery Photo 10-8-14

And the answer is… OK, below is the picture clue from last week. I also gave another clue to say that we find them in our farm buildings in the fall. Clue picture And this is the answer. It’s a barn … Continue reading

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Starting the dryer

Daryl and I had some errands to run after work and of course since we were in town we decided to grab some supper. So about the time that we got home tonight, it was pretty dark outside. It seems … Continue reading

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What to do today? Osborne Park – Elkader, Iowa

The second part of my day was going to check out the Osborne Park. It wasn’t too far away from the first stop that I made, and I got directions on how to get there without going the long way … Continue reading

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What to do today? Motor Mill- Elkader, Iowa

Daryl had to get up early this morning to meet the other guys also going to the football game, so he said good-bye and off he went. I was still in bed when he left and was trying to think just … Continue reading

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Girls day out

Daryl got done with beans and had them hauled into the Co-op late last night, so today he was going to ‘open the field’ and take the first rounds of corn out. This way he can see if the combine … Continue reading

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When I’m looking in the refrigerator I notice that the soup and lasagna is all gone that I made a couple of days ago. That’s a bad thing. What that means is that there’s nothing in the fridge that Daryl can … Continue reading

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