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Going West

I bet you were thinking that you were going to read something about going to Arizona or another state that is out west didn’t you? Well, sorry not today. But what I am going to write about is literally heading … Continue reading

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Where are the summer clothes?

Have you ever gotten so tired of winter clothes that you just want to buy something that has a little bit more summer look to it? Well with with the wind blowing and the state actually closed off the Interstate Highway 35 … Continue reading

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Just what is that smell?

I was driving the small car the other day when all of a sudden I noticed a smell in the car that really wasn’t very good. And to be honest it was pretty much an awful smell! So I did … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Pictures

On my quest to find some nice winter pictures, I grabbed my camera after a pretty foggy morning and snapped a few pictures that I thought were interesting. When the fog lifts, a lot of the moisture just seems to … Continue reading

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Day 2 of the storm

Have you ever spent a night tossing and turning and wondering what the weather is doing outside? Now honestly isn’t this just a huge waste of time? Well even though I know that it is, it still didn’t stop me … Continue reading

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They, and when I say ‘they’ I mean absolutely everyone who is in the weather forecasting field, has said that we will have this terrible blizzard today. So schools were called off yesterday already and everyone was expecting the worst. … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned

Today is my birthday and it was such a great day! Now normally I’m a scheduler and when I take a vacation day to be at home, the first thing that I do is to make a daily schedule so … Continue reading

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What’s wrong Sam?

I was standing in the kitchen today when I could hear something kinda funny outside so I decided to take a look. And what I saw when I opened the door was Sam the peacock standing in the middle of … Continue reading

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Saying ‘Yes’ to the dress and celebrating my Birthday!

What a fun day today was! It started out with an invitation from our future daughter in law to come and see the dress she had picked out for their wedding. She went one day with her mom just to … Continue reading

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Taking the plunge

I’ve been talking big about participating at a craft show and well it is one of my 2016 goals and everything. So guess what? I’m actually signed up for one the beginning of April. OMG! Seriously, I am just a little bit … Continue reading

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