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Making soap on the weekend

Well I still have my cold and with going on week #3, I realized that I don’t have time to feel better. I have to get some soap made.  So when I woke up this morning I told myself that … Continue reading

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Getting a cold

I guess I should have titled this post – I’ve got a cold! It’s one of those colds when you can taste your fillings in your teeth and your hair hurts. Now seriously I don’t get sick too often at … Continue reading

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Let’s go skating

Yesterday I officially called it that I am sick and tired of Winter! Yup, I’m done with it.  But I don’t think I could not have picked a worse time because it’s raining and snowing today and our farm yard … Continue reading

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Our dogs

I’ve talked before on how our dogs just hate birds, and I mean HATE birds, so when I see the Bald Eagles flying around our farm this afternoon while I was making soap, well I just knew what I had … Continue reading

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My new planner is here!

Some people get excited when they get the latest magazine that they ordered in the mail, but what do I like to see in my mailbox?  My NEW 2017 Planning Organizer that’s what!! whoop whoop  When I get to start … Continue reading

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My soap business 2016

I am so pleased how my soap business has taken off. I mean – who would have guessed that I’d be so busy with it? For sure not me!  But what a great thing to happen. I had tons of … Continue reading

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Christmas 2016

Well it’s time to take down the inside decorations and that means also the tree. It was hard to think that it’s time to do this because today was a dreary day outside with all the rain going on.  But … Continue reading

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Congratulations William!

I know that everyone always says where does the time go, but honestly how can William be graduating already from college? I mean it was just yesterday when we were making trips back and forth to our local high school … Continue reading

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Good bye Pacifica

As we said Good Bye to the Pacifica, we knew that she was a good car and it was time.  We all agreed that this was one of the best cars that we’ve had – and let me tell you … Continue reading

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I’ve got candy – How about you?

Well I finally finished up my candy making on Christmas morning and to tell you the truth, it’s a good thing that this only happens once a year. Why? Well I find myself eating more candy in one week than I’ve … Continue reading

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