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The Holiday Weekend comes to a close

This weekend we sure got a lot done and also we spent some time doing nothing. It was the absolute perfect weekend for both of these things. And guess what? We actually got our bicycles out these past two days. … Continue reading

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Save the lettuce and Museum Day!

With the 4th of July being on a Saturday this year, both the companies that Daryl and I work for are closed on Friday. SCORE!!! So what to do with the day right? Well first things first, since I saved … Continue reading

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Save the Peas!

My mission if I decide to take it : Save the Peas! What? Yup, my poor little garden has once gotten away from me and it’s just like a broken record isn’t it? I mean every year I have such … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo 7-1-15

Thank you to everyone who replied with answers to the Mystery Photo last week. I’m not sure just exactly why our rocks do this, but we see quite a few in the one field by the creek. OK, for this … Continue reading

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Just like going to confession

I am preparing myself to go to the dentist. Now I know that this isn’t such a big deal – but if that’s true – why do so many of us get so nervous about it? So as I was … Continue reading

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Stormy night

When I was driving home tonight I noticed that the weather was changing. And this time of the year, that’s not usually a good thing. So as I’m driving up our road I could literally see the clouds just rolling … Continue reading

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Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday and now that our town’s festival is over and the Kuehner Fun day has come and gone – guess what I did today?  If you guess pretty much nothing, well ding ding ding we have a winner!! … Continue reading

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Busy day on the farm

Our farm this weekend was once again the stage for annual Kuehner Fun Day that we host every year. And if I say that it turned out great, that is such an understatement! Now to explain why I think this … Continue reading

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Our newest addition to the farm

We  have added to our farm this past weekend and I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see him right away, but let’s give it a try. Here is the picture that I took of our new rooster Now … Continue reading

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Checking in with William

William is doing an internship for his college degree and tonight where he is working they had an open house and an appreciation celebration. The reason for the celebration was because they have been open for business at this facility … Continue reading

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