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Results for Mystery Photo 7-15-15

The closest to the correct answer was Judy! But it wasn’t a picture taken while kayaking with cliffs it’s the rock quarry in the area where I grew up. But it was a bunch of birds!! Daryl and I were … Continue reading

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I have to be honest. I have been struggling to think of how I should write this post since Saturday. See what happened is that we got a call late Saturday afternoon that Daryl’s brother unexpectedly passed away. What a … Continue reading

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Our bike ride

We made it back from our bike ride and it was a great time! I mean how often can you leave for a week and don’t have to think about a thing other than what should we eat supper and … Continue reading

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Random Flower Pictures

Daryl and I are heading out for a couple of days of bike riding and when I was showing Kyle the flowers to keep watered this week, I thought to myself that they are looking pretty darn good! I know … Continue reading

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Sleepless nights

I’ve had a couple of late nights these past few days and for some reason it’s got me all messed up. I should really be tired. By the time I finally crawled into bed last night it was around 3 … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo 7-15-15

OK I double dog dare you to guess this one! Here is the clue

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Results for Mystery Photo 7-8-15

OK everyone was pretty close and below is the answer Here was the clue and here is what it was taken from. It’s the water lines to a dairy wash tank that was used for washing milk buckets in the … Continue reading

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House guests

How fun it is to have house guests! OK, sure it’s a little work getting ready for them. I mean you want everything to look nice in the house and out on the farm right? But once you get all … Continue reading

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Scaredy Chickens

Well we bit the bullet and put the little chickens in with the big girls. Yup it was about time. How are they getting along? Well here are the little girls in the chicken coop tonight and here are the … Continue reading

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Have you ever met someone for the first time and you just knew that you would have a good time hanging out with them? Well that’s what happened when we were on our winter vacation this past February in Jamaica … Continue reading

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