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National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day and even though our dogs get into way more trouble than they probably should we sure would miss them if they weren’t around.¬† So here’s a post only for our dogs. Since both our families … Continue reading

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Guess what’s next?

Can you guess what I’ve been thinking about? Well if you guessed having bees – well you would have guessed right! Now I’m for sure not thinking of having them anytime soon, but I’ve been talking about it for a … Continue reading

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When you have a bad day

When you have a bad day I think little kitties are the cure! Check out these two little guys. These are the ones still hanging out underneath the potato fork by the old milk house. So far so good that … Continue reading

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Soapy Sunday

We spent the day catching up around the house and farm and since it is Sunday can you guess what I did? ¬†Well I made a batch of soap! I think I might call this soap ‘Morning Sunrise’. Now for … Continue reading

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Heading South Saturday

After getting up early this morning we got the truck loaded to bring William’s things that he needed for this semester of classes at college. All I can say is Thank Goodness for trucks! We were able to get everything … Continue reading

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Back to classes

William starts classes next week again and that means getting the rest of his things that didn’t fit in the Jeep organized and ready to go back to him tomorrow. Now the list isn’t too long that he had asked … Continue reading

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How does your garden grow?

Not to brag or anything – but my garden this year was pretty good. Sure I had a couple of weeks when it was completely out of control, but for the most part it looked almost like everyone else’s. SCORE! … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo 8-19-15

Any idea what this is?

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The weather is changing

You know when you can feel that the weather is changing and it’s switching from summer to fall? Well I think that is what is going on and I’m pretty sure that I do not like it! I mean the … Continue reading

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Welcome rain!

We’ve been so dry these past couple of days that we sure are welcoming the rain that has just started. Some of the crops were getting to a critical point that if we didn’t get rain there was also a … Continue reading

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